2. Contents

Reality Bites: Thoughts on feeeels

How To: Bee Stylin’
“God’s Wonder” on My Floor
Bo-Won Keum
Andrew Zinicola

Gritty: Making a Monster
Brian Allen in conversation with Elana Schlenker

Anonymous Hugging Wall
Keetra Dean Dixon
With a Cast of Colored Stars
Kelly Walters

Movable Type, Multiple Scripts, Changing Alphabets: The Fuzzy Boundaries of Turkish Typography
Juliette Cezzar

Fuzzy Flora
Adnelly Marichal

Slightly Complicated: Towards a New Fuzzy Logic
James Goggin

En Lieu
Travis Morehead

Stayin’ Alive: A Conversation with Death by Audio
Drew Litowitz

Softscape: Floor-to-Ceiling Carpeting
Deniz Onder

Down to Earth: Making Reality with NASA Imagery
Andrew Scheinman

Post-It Print
Alec Stewart

Amanda Pickens
Still Fuzzy: A Conversation with Calvin “Fuzzy” Samuel
Rob Litowitz

Prem Krishnamurthy

Here nor There: The Fuzzy Politics of US National Borders
Jonathan Morgan
Woolly Monuments  
Brad Engelsman

Mechanical Failure
Chloe Scheffe

Chilled Lotus Seed Dessert Soup
Shan James
Music for Airports on Fire
Ian Keliher

Fuzzy Buzzy
Noel Arkoos