3. Call for Writing


feeeels is accepting submissions of new or existing written works: fiction, non-fiction, exposés, historical essays, interviews, profiles, reporting, poetry, and/or any writing projects that metaphorically, literally, or metaphysically explore the word and ideas associated with the term “slick.”

Your work could be “slick” in format, concept, style, materials, philosophy, or all of the above.

Additionally, we are looking for writers interested in covering the following topics:
  • the life cycle of eels
  • the history and implications of antenna towers disguised as trees
  • glaciers and environmental concerns
  • the phenomena of hearing phantom noises / feeling phantom vibrations
  • any "slick" technology surveys
  • reflections on baldness

Other topics may include: curling, lip gloss, John Travolta’s hair in Grease, black ice, and that Crisco-watermelon pool game you might have played as a kid during the summer. You get the idea. Be creative, be unruly, be ridiculous, be thoughtful, be provocative, be slick.

Please submit your proposals by filling out this form by October 12th. We will review your submission(s) and be in touch late Oct. with decisions and, if selected, next steps. Selected writers will receive an honorarium of $50 and two copies of the publication.

Give us a shout if you have any questions!